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The long awaited Android M, sometimes referred to as Macadamia Nut Cookie, has finally arrived. The developer launched the preview in May, 2015, at the Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco. The newest version of Android has not introduced new design and aesthetic, but rather enhanced the Android Lollipop by giving it much needed stability. Here are some of the characteristics which the Android M will bless your smartphone or device with and make your life and Android experience even more

  1. Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint support will be able for all the users who have smartphones running on Android M. fingerprint-scanner-illustration-identification-system-eps-transparency-35283502This new characteristic will provide the functional scanner of your finger in order to unlock your smartphone and make purchases online or use Play Store. The Google will definitely provide the needed support for the smartphone scanner which is already built in the hardware of your device.

  1. Power

Save your battery and expand your battery life by switching to Android M. This newest Android version will use the most of the Doze function which provides devices to standby. When your device hasn’t been interacted with for a while, your Android will recognize it and reduce the use of battery in smartphone-batteryorder to save energy. The background processes will be reduced to the minimum and even when your device is in the Doze mode it will be able to start alarms or notify you of priority notifications.

  1. Permissions and Apps

The permissions for app are made much easier with Android M. The Android M will ask for permission at the use of feature, instead of at the point of installation. Later, you will be able to modify the permissions in the Settings section, or view permissions. All in all, the permissions which make no sense to you will be transparent to you, which will give you full control over the permissions you have given to the apps you are using on your device.

  1. Web

Google experience will be much more enjoyable with the Android M running on your device, since it will allow you to open Chrome Custom Tabs on the top of the already active App, instead of launching the Chrome app separately. This simple characteristic will provide for a more fluid internet experience with navigation between the apps and the

  1. Payments

Maybe the coolest characteristic which awaits you along with the Android M upgrade is definitely Google payment. This will allow you to use Android M for simple purchases without always having to enter all the details. You will not even have to open an app in order to make a payment, since placing the handset on a compatible contactless payment terminal will unlock the payment. How amazing is that? It will most certainly make your device your portable wallet, which will make life (and spending) so much easier.

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